Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today we took a drive and left Vienna for Salzburg. We spent most of the afternoon touring around seeing the sights in Salzburg including Mozarts house. Dinner was at a small cafe across the river.

Our hotel in Salzburg is just a short walk from downtown, but most interestingly is through a tunnel from the downtown area. Apparently this tunnel has been around since Mozarts time.

After dinner tonight, we spent a little time walking around the city then back to the hotel for some hangout time. Since its Sunday, not many of the shops were open today.

Tomorrow we do a Sound of Music tour in the morning, then head out to Neuswanstein castle and to Fussen for our overnight.

Pics in the morning as its late... Thanks for all those that have left comments!


Mom said...

would love to see those pics,especially the Mozart stuff! LY MOM

Stephen said...


It sounds and looks like y'all are having a great time! Keep up the updates!


3Kochies Mom said...

have enjoyed reading about the trip and seeing a few pics. your adoring fan club is clammoring for more!