Friday, July 25, 2008

In Europe!

This morning our team landed in Vienna Austria where we will be spending our first couple of days. And WOOHOO! We have internet at the hotel. So after meeting the other churches in our tour (except one which didn't make their connection in Amsterdam), we headed off for a bus tour of Vienna. Following the bus tour, we got checked into our first hotel and headed off to lunch. Most tried Weiner Schnitzle, and a couple of us had ribs.

Following lunch we went on a walking adventure since we had some free time, and explored part of the city near our hotel. By mid-afternoon, everyone was clamoring for sleep including Ben who nodded off in Starbucks. (Yes there is a starbucks here, and its only 1 block from our hotel. WOO HOO!).

We continued walking after ingesting some caffeine to keep us moving. We are now preparing for dinner as it as 6:30pm as I'm writing this. We'll be walking a couple blocks up to our restaurant. Then after dinner, there is a video concert of an orchestra playing at the city hall on their big jumbotron, so we may try to stay awake long enough to watch part of that before heading back and crashing tonight.

Everyone's doing great, no major problems as of this point, except everyone's trying to get readjusted to our new time.

I'll post some pics after dinner tonight.


aaron said...


hope you guys have a great time!! there's an ice cream shop in downtown vienna, just around the corner from the st stephens cathedral (and climb the cathedral if you can!). if you can find it, good stuff!

enjoy the city -- one of my favorites.

McYouthMin said...

Thanks Aaron!

We're having a great time so far. We saw the cathedral this morning when we arrived. We're hoping to climb it before we leave to head to Salzburg on Sunday. We'll have to look for the ice cream shop!

digitalbug said...

Hi everyone! Hi Jenna, tomorrow I think we'll go bike riding.

Take some cool panoramas
of the cathedral too!

We miss you!
P.S. I Recieved the Christina Heimlich Dancers Video DVD for 2008!

Love, Mom, Dad, Emily, and Chris